We at Holly Lanes Fish Inn aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Margate. Give us feedback.

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Been using this fish bar fir a few years now, always enjoyable.

Gary, 25 Nov 2020

Best piece of cod I've had for a long time . Lovely and hot and bang on time. Well done

Graham, 24 Nov 2020

Very easy to order on line, excellent quality food

Ian, 21 Nov 2020

Never got our 10 %off.... For ordering on lime and picking them up.

Mark, 19 Nov 2020

Excellent service, always reliable and very helpful

Carole, 18 Nov 2020


Richard, 14 Nov 2020


Richard, 14 Nov 2020

Love the food and the service, would be good if there was a way to order online as a guest (so that you don't need to create an account, have a password and so on)

Peter, 11 Nov 2020

Always delicious food and such good value for money.

Laura, 07 Nov 2020

Food is excellent and is always piping hot

Jason, 07 Nov 2020

The food was delivered 30 minutes after expected time and only after calling twice. When it did arrive it was cold and inedible. Very disappointed as I’d had good service in the past.

Shanon, 06 Nov 2020

Delicious and 10 minutes earlier then expected.

Brenda, 06 Nov 2020

Very easy, very quick and delicious to.

Angela Braybrook, 06 Nov 2020

So easy to use, waiting for our first taste

Angela Braybrook, 06 Nov 2020

Hi, lovely fish and chips as usual! One question, my latest order online doesn't seem to have attracted the advertised 10% discount, and I wondered whether I had misunderstood or there has been a mistake? Thanks, Steve

Steve, 05 Nov 2020

Excellent food ready promptly

Julian, 03 Nov 2020

Excellent as always

Oliver, 30 Oct 2020

Lovely staff. Best chippy around.

Georgia, 30 Oct 2020

Great fish and chip food and menu but difficult to order on .com site. Easier just to phone.

Jennifer Francis, 29 Oct 2020

Excellent quality food, good value for money and always friendly service.

Sarah, 26 Oct 2020

Lovely place!

Carla, 24 Oct 2020

First time using delivery, after choosing to pay by cash I realised by seeing the other reviews that you have to pay by card. I recommend removing the cash option from the website. Food was piping hot when it arrived and very tasty. Some of the best fish and chips I’ve had.

Tracey, 23 Oct 2020

As always Great service and value

Richard, 23 Oct 2020


Lorraine, 20 Oct 2020


Lorraine, 20 Oct 2020

Very nice as normal but 1 thing the fish was swimming in oil

Belinda, 20 Oct 2020